The Fraud Is THEIR Racist Leader

The media has it wrong again.   It is not just that the Fraud has not come out strongly against white supremacists–it is the fact he is their leader.   Would Hitler come out against the Brown Shirts?

What is lost in today’s discussion are simple facts the media refuses to repeat.  First, that Donald Trump is a racist.  Second, that he came to power on the strength of the racism that still exists in America.  Third, the regime is full of open racists such at Steve Bannon, who control the street gangs currently in Charlottesville.

In fact, Bannon serves as a modern day Ernst Rohm, who Adolph Hitler finally had to eliminate because of his power within the Nazi organization.  Hitler was the supreme leader but Rohm controlled the street gangs.   Trump cannot get rid of Bannon unless and until he can figure out a way to isolate him from the troops below.   Hitler did this with a purge of over 400 murders in the night of the long knives–such an option seems very unlikely under Trump.   As Hitler made a deal with the German institutional organizations before he launched his purge.   Trump and the institutions of the United States are at opposite ends and have no intention of making deals with each other.

In Trump’s case, he would have to win over the institutional government (FBI, CIA, NSA, Cops and Military) to purge his crazy minions below.  Ironically, it is the sense of patriotism from these institutions that is the only thing stopping Trump from a full take-over of the nation.  As the feckless Democrats, Republicans, Media and Courts all stand aside despite their official responsibilities as Americans.

The simple fact is that we, the majority, are at war with the racist, misogynist, lying culture that has been allowed out of the shadows because of the perceived success of the loser Donald Trump.

His people are the minority in this country, once thought to be on the verge of extinction.  These racists lived in the shadows and have only been empowered because of Trump’s embolding them.

They do not represent the hopes, aspirations and values of real Americans.  But they are in power due to an anomaly in the Constitution that was created by and for racists.  The Electoral College purposely gave racists more power to determine the Executive Branch, which is why 12 of our first 14 Presidents had slaves.  Only the Adams (father and son) did not; and J.Q. Adams was not elected by a majority vote either.

But the fact remains, Trump is an accident of history and the institutions that should bring him to heel are in the hands of his own partisan hacks, thus the institutional government is our only hope for victory.

In the final analysis, America is again at war with the racists; currently The Enemy Within our country.  We must all stand up and fight these white supremacists–especially and including their leader Donald Trump.   These people must be eliminated from power; peacefully and politically if possible.

Let’s hope the FBI, CIA, NSA, Cops and Military do their job.  Otherwise, we are lost and the battle will be bloody.

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