Greatest Presidents

Greatest Presidents in Order

By Rich Robinson

Washington — Founded Country, established Presidential Authority and relinquishing of power.
Lincoln — Saved Union
Truman–ended WW2, saved Europe in peace
F.D. Roosevelt–got us out of great depression, managed most of WW2
Obama–got us out of great recession, restored U.S. as leader of free world
J. Adams–Kept us out of foreign war, established principle for Presidency
Jefferson–doubled size of U.S., protected 1 Amendment freedoms
Wilson–Guided us through WW1
T.D. Roosevelt–established environmental protection for nation
Kennedy–inspired nation, preserved U.S. leadership, avoided nuclear war

GHW Bush– established new world order after collapse of Soviet Union
Monroe–established Monroe Doctrine
Polk–Manifest Destiny accomplished
Jackson–asserted executive authority, preserved Union
Reagan–inspired American resurgence; precipitated collapse of Soviet Union
L.B. Johnson–Expanded Civil Rights and created national social programs
Madison–presided over war of 1812, (helped write Constitution before Presidency)
Eisenhower–Established Cold War principles, avoided nuclear confrontation
Clinton–provided for budget surplus and overseeing great economic expansion
Taft–Implemented Anti-Trust legislation, served as Supreme Court Justice after President

McKinley–Assassinated chose TDR as VP
Carter– did not inspire, economy out of control, Iranian Hostage Crisis weakened U.S
Garfield–Assassinated, doctors bungled recovery
Cleveland–served two non-consecutive terms without distinction
J.Q Adams*–won in stolen election with Corrupt Bargain
Ford***–pardoned Richard Nixon for crimes committed while President
Van Buren–replaced Jackson as President
Fillmore–mediocre defined
Pierce–a do nothing President
Taylor — last Whig, won Presidency based on reputation as General

W.H. Harrison–served less than a month as President
Hayes*–did not win election, known as Rutherford B. Fraud.
B. Harrison*–lost popular vote to Cleveland, undistinguished Presidency, lost after one term
Coolidge — Silent Cal, economic policies led to Great Depression
Hoover– Policies exacerbated Great Depression
Arthur**–Undistinguished, kept a whore in the WH according to Harry Truman.
Grant–Drunk, ill-advised and undistinguished, won solely on Civil War reputation.
A Johnson–Drunk, ineffective and impeached without conviction (by one vote).
Harding–Teapot dome scandal, died on trip to Alaska, rumored poisoned by wife.
Nixon–won Presidency on basis of deception, resigned in disgrace

Buchanan–failed to exert executive power during Civil War Crisis before Lincoln took office.
GWB*–allowed torture, war criminal in Europe, bloated deficit, policies led to great recession
Tyler**–only President to not be a citizen at time of death. Served the South in Civil War
Trump****–illegitimate regime propped up by Russia, completely incompetent, traitor to nation

*Not elected by popular vote

**Elected VP never elected President

***Not elected to President or VP

****Not elected by popular vote, helped by hostile foreign nation, illegitimate regime

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