Trump Impeached Himself

The best witness against Donald Trump is not a nameless whistleblower. It is Trump himself, followed by his lawyer and corroborated by the transcript of his “perfect” call.

Let’s be clear; the moment he asked the Ukraine President to investigate his political opponent and his son, Trump committed a crime. He may not have thought it was a crime, but if a person robs a bank–and doesn’t think it a crime–they are still guilty. This is Trump’s problem–he admitted it.

Now, that statement alone is a crime. It is illegal to solicit help from a foreign government for political purposes–President or not. Now, combine that with the fact that Trump made this statement in connection with aid to Ukraine, which he was holding up. That is an additional crime, extortion. He may not think it was a crime–but it is a crime. In short, Trump impeached and convicted himself. This is why Nancy Pelosi said, “he left me no choice.”

The gravity of the situation and the obvious abuse of power for the nation is made more apparent by the national security interests of the United States. Ukraine is being invaded by Russia. This nation stands as the real only nation/state with the ability to stop Russian aggression. Should we flag or fail in our duty to other nations, the consequences for our entire world are grave.

The media is ginning up a whole narrative of a conspiracy. It is apparent others are involved. The “Whistleblower” at this point, is irrelevant. Trump has already admitted the facts this Whistleblower brought to the attention of Congress. It is a distraction, a diversion, a wholly unnecessary exercise to “corroborate” this person’s information. Trump has already corroborated it.

If Trump were a defendant, his lawyers would be seeking a plea deal by now. But since he cannot be indicted while in office, as Bob Mueller pointed out, he must be impeached on the merits first. Politics aside, this is a slam-dunk case. Republicans are just coming to that realization.

But Trump will not go quietly. He will take everyone and everything down with him; he is a true narcissist. But make no mistake, he will come down and he did it himself.

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