Political Campaigns Public Affairs and Government Services

Robinson Communications Inc. is an acknowledged innovator in providing ethical, unique, and winning campaign, business, and project strategies.

Our firm stays ahead of the curve by focusing on the development and implementation of effective strategies.  We do not utilize ineffective cookie-cutter public relations campaigns or engage in inefficient spending.  Instead, we have developed a proven methodology that is tailored for each individual client; based on research and utilizing the most advanced communication techniques.  This successful model has been the key to our 22 years of success.

Robinson Communications team members  have worked at all levels of government.   Our team has worked directly with United States Senators, Members of Congress, State Legislators, County Supervisors, Mayors, Councilmembers and even Presidents of the United States. This experience has taught us that the key to successful government relations is a working knowledge of the evolving political landscape, combined with a familiarity of the forces that shape public policy.  Understanding the process and having credible relationships with key decision makers is our prescription for success.

To our clients, this framework translates to access and innovation.  We can make exciting new projects a reality, as well as move projects forward that seemed forever bogged down in bureaucratic mire.  These projects include the Metcalf Energy Center, the Rivermark Development in Santa Clara, and the development of the former San Jose Catholic Diocese property in Cupertino.   We are also proud to have played a small part in the campaign to build a 49er Stadium in Santa Clara.


Strategic Communications Plan

Our methodogy includes an individualized comprehensive strategic communications plan that serves as a blueprint for success.  Not only do we provide the comprehensive strategic plan, but we utilize our experience, our extensive relationships and knowledge of the process to implement that strategy.  Our long tenure in politics and public affairs has earned us a solid reputation with many decision makers who rely on our counsel.

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