Expertise and Services

Political Campaigns

Robinson Communications is an acknowledged innovator in providing ethical and winning Campaign Strategies. We stay ahead of the curve, utilizing the newest technologies and current information to develop strategy. Our competitors flatter us by using our old techniques for their current clients. But winning campaigns call for different strategies and messages based on updated research and information.

Strategic Government Affairs

Robinson Communications has worked in government at the Federal, State and Local levels.To our clients, this means access and a working knowledge of how government works. Our experience has taught us the key to successful government relations is knowledge of the individuals and relevant issues combined with a familiarity of the forces that shape public policy. Public decisions are never made in a vacuum. Understanding the process is the key to success.

Public Relations Specialists

Robinson Communications understands both crisis and routine communication. With the constant change in technology new strategies must be deployed to effectively manage our client’s message. Information is now instantaneous; messages must be crafted quickly and intelligently. Most importantly, long term goals should never be sacrificed for short-term gain. Our Strategic Communications are about insuring our client’s message dominates the media.

Strategic Communications

In any endeavor we employ the same methodology. Strategic planning involves creating a roadmap to achieve success. Our system is simple, yet unique. Once we’ve completed a situation analysis, we develop a comprehensive communications plan that serves as a blueprint for success. This includes the situation analysis based on research, the goals, our unique psychological approach, strategy, tactics, timeline and budget.  This process allows our clients to understand what time and resources will be needed to accomplish their goals.

International Relations

Robinson Communications is a globally connected company based in Silicon Valley.  We have relationships in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.  We advise businesses, create exclusive opportunities, and promote niche businesses for our clients worldwide. We have a vast network of international relationships and knowledge regarding opportunities in the United States and abroad. 

We understand relationships and the need to move quickly in a competitive worldwide environment.  In today’s global market connected companies are aggressively acquiring customers and disrupting competition and new markets are emerging in untapped regions, especially Africa and Asia. We advise U.S. businesses on how to adapt and thrive, culturally, in the ever-changing global marketplace.

We want our clients to engage with the growing continents and economies of the world

A Broad Base of Consulting Services

Real Estate Development , Public Planning, Environmental Services, Waste Management, Transportation,  Public Safety, Economic Development, and Health Services


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